My Little Blacksmith Shop

0.0.9d changes the item structure and thus your game will load empty, with an old save!
Use the fixer to turn the old things into money - DO NOT SAVE THE GAME!!!!!

For this fix, only close the game, run the fixer, and start the game

Every other fix (0.0.9c and below) need the following order of going about the fix:
1) save the game
2) close the game
3) run the fixer
4) click the button you want to apply
5) run the game

If your view is still tilted, use the "Player rotation" fix button, after saving the game

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Aims to fix the game's savegame
added fix(es)
game version
remove all ores
alpha 0.0.81
remove picks, too
alpha 0.0.81a
reset player model
alpha 0.0.82
reset horse&waggon
alpha 0.0.82a
remove horse&waggon
alpha 0.0.9c
sell all parts & ingots
alpha 0.0.9d
reset crystal locations
alpha 0.0.9e